mercoledì 25 ottobre 2017

Roma. Investments and First Chapter of the Commandery "Our Lady of Sion"

Earth, Water, Air and Fire are the archetypal symbols that marked the day in the Capital.
On the 22nd of October, under a heavy rain, alternating with wind gusts, in a farmhouse on Salaria Street after having walked a hundred meters in a clumsy and stony road, the New Commandery of Rome, Our Lady of Sion, presided by Commander Sr Rosalba Esposito has appointed a knight and two ladies.

It is the first chapter of the Commandery Our Lady of Zion and could only begin under the lights of Grand Master Fr. Roberto Amato Johannes II and Grand Chancellor Fr. Rosario Nicola Luisi.

Commander Sr. Rosalba Esposito thanked all the defendants and brothers from the good lands of Sala Consilina, Potenza, Cosenza, Padula and Milan. Strongly the message of brotherhood and proximity "citizens of one another and of the other city" thanks also to the presence of the magistrate delegate for the New Jersey state, Fr. Pompeo Mangieri of the New York Commandery.

During the ceremony, Professor Franco Eugeni, academician of great culture, was nominated Honorary Knight of SCMOTH 1804 and was awarded recognition to personalities of politics, entertainment and journalism who have shown both in the profession and in life, the spirit of brotherhood and love: Adriana Russo actress and singer, Gabriella Sassone journalist, Gigi Miseferi actor and showman, Giorgio Scognamiglio (in Giò Di Giorgio's art) journalist and musician, Ezio D'Angelo politician active in Lazio territory and Dr. commercialist Paolo Romeo, a scholar of Cabala.

The Magister Magnum fr. Roberto Amato pointed out that the Supremus Civilis and Militaris Ordo Hierosolymitani Temples - SCMOTH 1804 OSMTJ-O-NG is one of the few Templar Orders still existing and actively participates in defending the fundamental human rights of life, freedom of Conscience and Religion , the Justice and the Faith of the Holy Church and the Christian community. Recalling also that the message of peace and Christianity of S.C.M.O.H.H 1804 OSMTJ was also brought within the walls of the Vatican.

Among the new entries in the Order are three famous and well known names, Princess Conny Coracciolo, known on television with scientific and topical programs, Professor Maria Bontà, a nutrition researcher and university professor who has exported his techniques also in China and the entrepreneur Francesco Spena, owner of the estate "Il Casale del Parco" who with his activities in the social has shown great heart and willingness to offer the location to Commanderia Our Lady of Sion.

The event was also supported by the Accademy Infinitymakeup, which with its most experienced and acclaimed master, the look maker Antonio Quattromani, has transformed with its colors and handiwork, the gentle ladies in ladies of other times.

Fr, Francesco Garruba

What remains among us: confidential and certain sources, have said they have also seen knights on the Quattromani look-marker arm.