giovedì 25 ottobre 2012

Romania celebrates the National Day of the Romanian Army

25 October marks each year the national celebrations of the Romanian Army. The Land Forces, Air Force and Naval Forces of Romania are collectively known as the Romanian Armed Forces (Forţele Armate Române / Armata Română). In each military base in the country and abroad this day is marked by ceremonies and tributes payed to all those brave men serving the National Flag and our Country.

90,000 men and women currently comprise the Armed Forces, 75,000 of them being military personnel and the other 15,000 civilians. The 75,000 military personnel is divided between 60,000 active troops and 15,000 active reserves. As of 2010, the Land Forces have a reported strength of 43,000, the Air Force 9,700, the Naval Forces 7,150, and Joint Forces 13,500. As per the 2011 White Paper, these forces are to be gradually decreased over the 2011-2014 period to reach a total of cca. 65,000 active troops and active reserves.